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Frequently Asked Questions

Will recruitment be in-person?

The nature of recruitment events will depend on the state, county, and school regulations for following COVID-19 protocols. When the logistics for recruitment are finalized, they will be updated on the website under Recruitment.  

What is a sorority?

A sorority is a group of women and non-binary individuals at a university or college who share common values and interest in lifelong friendships and connections. If you are initiated into a sorority, you become a member for life. You will be connected to older members who provide mentorship, support, and friendship, as well as a vast network of active sisters and alumni of all ages from various academic institutions across the nation. In summary, a sorority is more than just a club. We are a home away from home, composed of people you will always be able to depend on, even after graduation from UCLA.



What is the difference between a social and professional sorority/fraternity?

Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority. Although Phi Sigma Rho is restricted to Science and Engineering majors, our activities and objectives are primarily social in nature. Our sisters share many of the same challenging classes and majors and become a support system for academics, but our main purpose is to balance academics with an active social life through internal sisterhood activities as well as participation in external social events, such as philanthropy-related events, with the rest of the Greek community.


Members of Phi Sigma Rho are able (and encouraged) to participate in professional Greek organizations in addition to their membership in Phi Sigma Rho. However, women are ineligible for membership if they currently belong to another social Greek organization.



What does "Associate Panhellenic Chapter" mean?

At UCLA, we are an Associate Member of the Panhellenic Association because we do not participate in formal recruitment due to our major requirements. However, we participate in and host similar events to other Panhellenic chapters including sisterhood activities, date parties, events with other Greek chapters, and philanthropies. We also participate in all Panhellenic programming, have Panhellenic and Junior Panhellenic delegates, and are eligible to apply for Panhellenic Scholarships.



How/when can I join?

We hold recruitment twice a year: once at the beginning of fall quarter and once at the beginning of Winter quarter. For more information about our recruitment events, check out the recruitment section of our website here!



What are the requirements to join?

You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and be declared as one of our accepted majors. See a list of the accepted majors here.


To become an initiated member you must receive a bid, or a formal invitation to join the sorority, at the conclusion of the recruitment period. If you accept the bid and complete our New Member Education period, you will be initiated officially and permanently into our chapter. Phi Sigma Rho is extremely committed to UCLA's zero-tolerance no-hazing policy. You will never be hazed during our new member process. For more information on UCLA's hazing policy click here.



What happens if I change my major after I become a member?

If you are initiated, you become a member for life regardless of changes in major. However, if you are not pursuing one of the accepted majors listed above, we strongly encourage you to explore the other amazing chapters of Panhellenic sororities on campus. More information on other these sororities can be found on the Panhellenic website here.



How much does it cost?

Our active dues are around $300/quarter, about a third of the cost of traditional Panhellenic Sororities. An exception to this is the New Membership quarter, when dues are slightly higher to account for one-time membership fees, etc. Our Vice President of Finance works with members to create payment plans, if necessary. We never want dues to be a reason anyone cannot be a part of Phi Sigma Rho.



I'm still not sure about joining! What should I do?

We encourage you to attend one of our recruitment events even if you are uncertain about joining. Our recruitment events are all free and no-obligation, so come out and meet us before you make a decision!

UCLA Phi Sigma Rho Initiation
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