A letter from our president

Hello all, and welcome to our website! 


My name is Madeline Trotter and I am beyond excited to serve as the president of the Nu chapter of Phi Sigma Rho here at UCLA.    I invite you to browse the following pages, and learn a little bit about what makes us Phi Rho. Please feel free to use the contact page to reach out with any questions you may have!


Phi Sigma Rho is an Associate Panhellenic Sorority for women in the hard science and engineering fields. Our goal is to serve our sisters and the community alike by promoting high standards of personal integrity, respect, and character, lifelong bonds of sisterhood, and a healthy balance of academic excellence and social prosperity. It is without a doubt that my time at UCLA has been tremendously improved having been a part of this sisterhood. Through Phi Rho, I’ve found an incredible community of awe-inspiring, high achieving, fun loving women, and it’s through this sorority that I’ve met some of my very best friends. Through thick and thin, I know I will always have this amazing group of women in STEM to laugh, stress, cry, or smile with. I am so grateful for the community I’ve found and the support I’ve received within Phi Rho, and I know it will last me a lifetime. 

So with that, please feel free to explore our website! Thanks so much for visiting.


With love

Madeline Trotter


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