A letter from our president:

Hello and welcome to our website! 

My name is Ariana Schieferle, and I am so excited to be serving as the president of the Nu chapter of Phi Sigma Rho here at UCLA! Phi Sigma Rho is an associate Panhellenic sorority for women and non-binary folks in the hard science and engineering fields. Our goal is to serve our sisters and the community alike by promoting high standards of personal integrity, respect and character, lifelong bonds of friendship, and an appreciation for diversity and inclusion. We pride ourselves on fostering a healthy balance between the rigorous academic demands of our majors, being involved and active within the campus community, and engaging in a fun social life!


Life has looked a bit different for us during the pandemic, but our values remain at the center of what makes Phi Sigma Rho the dedicated and close-knit community we all know. As a chapter, we are committed to remaining safe and healthy and respecting the community. Currently, we are offering both in-person and virtual events as we enter the new year to protect our members' safety. Our goal at this time is to transition back to the normalcy of college life while supporting our members and maintaining the friendships and community we have already established. 


I joined Phi Rho the Winter quarter of my first year here at UCLA. Coming from a small town, my first couple months of college were overwhelming and unfamiliar, and I felt extremely out of place in my new community. Taking a chance and joining Phi Rho was the best decision I could have made for myself, and I am eternally grateful for the companionship and support this community has given me. The dedication, achievement, and passion that radiates from each and every member of Phi Rho is incredibly inspiring. From studying with friends, laughing while getting ready for socials, or spontaneously running into another member on campus, seeing and spending time with folks in Phi Rho always brightens my day! This community has changed my life at UCLA for the better, and I can't imagine it any other way. 


With that, please continue to explore our website! If you have a chance, read about our philanthropies, Light the Night and Phi Rho Your Boat. Feel free to use the contact page to reach out with any and all questions you may have. Thank you so much for visiting!


With love, 

Ariana Schieferle


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